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Welcome To VBC


We would like to introduce ourselves as VBC ON FIBER. We have established in the year 2012 providing Internet services as 'B' class ISP license in ANDHRA PRADESH. We use the state of the art technology from the leaders in the industry to ensure that we stay on the leading edge of Internet technology.

We are a uniquely positioned internet service provider (ISP) in being able to provide both wireless broadband internet as well as FIBER and other fixed-line broadband solutions. Being able to deliver the mobility benefits of truly unwired/wireless internet means that whether inside or outside the home or office VBC ON FIBER Internet can keep you secure, online and connected.

From the beginning the focus has been on speed, bandwidth and service to our customers and still is today. We offer a full suite of business and personal Internet services. A range of bandwidth and interface are available from 128kbps to 1000Mbps and above, allowing the service to be optimized to your particular requirements. Every offering includes a full and comprehensive Service Level Agreement.

VBC 499
(20 Mbps UPTO 100 GB THEREAFTER 1 Mbps)
VBC 799
(40 Mbps UPTO 150 GB THEREAFTER 2 Mbps)
VBC 999
(60 Mbps UPTO 200 GB THEREAFTER 2 Mbps)
VBC 1499
(80 Mbps UPTO 250 GB THEREAFTER 2 Mbps)

Our Services

VBC ON FIBER is committed to providing cost-effective, high quality services to customers in the Channel Islands. That's why we offer competitive pricing.


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